Inspired by EDHrec, this is a deck-stats site for Pauper EDH. It's powered by, and is itself, open source software. Come visit us at GitHub to peek under the hood.

On deck legality

Only legal decks are included in the data. We check for validity according to the PDH rules and FAQ. In the future, we may add an ability to "rule 0" acorn/silver-border cards.

What is synergy?

Synergy is a rough depiction of how well and uniquely a card pairs with a commander. It compares how often a card appears with a given commander comapred to often it appears in all other decks where it could go. A card which appears mostly with one commander will have high synergy to that commander. A card which is generically "good", and thus appears with lots of different commanders, will have low synergy with those commanders.

To compute synergy, we start with the fraction of a commander's decks which the card appears in. Then we subtract the fraction of all the other possible decks the card appears in. This gives a score from -1 to 1. A score of 1 means the card appears in every deck for this commander and no decks for any other commander. A score of -1 means the card appears in no decks for this commander and every deck for every other (legal) commander.

Here's an example. Let's assume there are 10 decks for a mono-red commander called Alice, and a card called Bob appears in 7 of them. There are also 100 other decks for commanders which include red but aren't Alice, and Bob appears in 15 of those. So Bob's synergy with Alice would be (7/10) - (15/100) = 0.7 - 0.15 = 0.55. Bob has pretty good synergy with Alice, as evidenced by his positive synergy score.

Synergy is pretty intense to compute. At time of writing, it takes about an hour to crunch the scores. They don't change very much, so the scores are only refreshed on Saturday mornings.

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